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I have always loved listening to music & as a child sang in a choir, occasionally taking solo parts, though I was never trained musically. Instead I followed a 'scientific' path, eventually studying Physics at University; a subject that helped me to understand music in a 'left-brain' way without exploring the 'right-brain' creative aspect of it. By that time my voice had long since broken & I had convinced myself that I could no longer sing.

Ten years later I found myself spending a year living in complete connection with a beautiful piece of mountainside in South West Eire, along with two other Earth-loving human beings. One of them was Sure (also featured on the 'Earth Stars' CD), who regularly performed her songs during evenings. At first I remained convinced that I still couldn't sing as I was unable to reach the higher notes when joining in with her, but then one day when singing in the garden by myself I was finally inspired to try out a lower key..... It may seem obvious to many, but it somehow eluded me for about twenty years! Perhaps this had been a subconscious refusal to fully own my masculinity in a world where I have seen so much of the dark side of my gender...

Since that 'Eureka' moment, I have felt a growing realisation that my writing is only partly complete whilst it lacks the strong emotions that I also experience around what I need to communicate; something that I know music can provide. Whilst I have been inspired through my life by many pieces of writing, I have always been most deeply moved by music. So I am also now exploring a path of musical discovery, playing with song & putting music to my words. To accompany my voice I am also learning to play several instruments; the process is slow, but clear ideas are forming & when I find the time away from my other permaculture activities they continue to develop.

Whilst those songs are still very much a 'work in progress', 'She is all' is one that I have sung unaccompanied on various occasions now. It is one of Sure's simplest songs & yet I was deeply moved the very first time I heard her sing it. It was the song through which I rediscovered my voice again & lyrically it speaks for itself.... Here I sing it unaccompanied by instruments, but backed by the exquisitely combined voices of the Paddox Farm Dawn Chorus....

....And I make no apologies for using this opportunity to also include a couple of minutes of their beautiful songs at the end of the 'Earth Stars' CD, unaccompanied by me!


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